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Apart from being a home to the major Greek mythological deities, as well as myriads of various species of flora and fauna, Mount Olympus offers shelter to those who seek it. From mountaineers to hikers, from trekkers to nature enthusiasts, all are welcomed to visit this natural monument, scheduling their stay at one of the eight Mount Olympus refuges or the six emergency shelters. Mount Olympus refuges span scattered among the peaks of the massif, creating a nest of hearths around the summit of Mytikas.

There are eight Mount Olympus refuges that are positioned among the main routes of the slopes, most of which operate all year round upon prior arrangement. In the following list, the first three refuges are the most popular resting accommodations, the remaining five categorized according to altitude. We highly recommend confirming the operation dates with the refuge managers, as they may be subject to change.

Spilios Agapitos (Zolotas) Refuge

Located on the main route of E4, one will eventually come across the stone courtyard of the Spilios Agapitos refuge, at an altitude of 2,060 m. Situated in the Balkoni area, this magnificent masonry of stones can accommodate 110 people, with plenty of other facilities such as an organized kitchen, a restaurant, and bathrooms. The refuge operates from the beginning of May until the end of October. It is essential that you book your stay before your arrival; shall you require a reservation, kindly find the contact information below.

Contact Details

(+30) 23520 81800, (+30) 23520 81329, (+30) 697 321 0687, (+30) 697 321 0688

www.mountolympus.gr – info@mountolympus.gr

Giosos Apostolidis Refuge

Nestled amid the saddle of Muses plateau, Giosos Apostolidis refuge is the highest built, fully-equipped refuge in all of Greece. At an altitude of 2,697 m., it is the starting point of all the paths to the nearby peaks, including the summit, Mytikas. The refuge can accommodate 80 people and has a kitchen, a restaurant, and bathrooms. It operates daily from early June till the end of October; however, one may use its facilities throughout the rest of the year upon notifying the managers. It is worth mentioning that the main entrance hall remains open as an emergency shelter all year round.

Contact Details

(+30) 23510 82840, (+30) 2310 224710, (+30) 693 977 7064, (+30) 694 804 3655

www.apostolidisrefuge.gr – info@apostolidisrefuge.gr

Christos Kakkalos Refuge

Located near the edge of the Muses plateau at 2,648 m., the refuge was named after the notorious Christos Kakkalos, the first person — along with two Genevan climbers — who managed the first recorded expedition to Mount Olympus’ highest peak, at 2,918 m. The building has a restaurant, bathrooms, and holds a maximum capacity of 17 people. The refuge’s summer season starts at the end of May until the beginning of November, whereas the winter season from March till mid/late April, depending on snow conditions.

Contact Details

(+30) 23521 00009, (+30) 693 736 1689, (+30) 693 730 6019

www.olympus-climbing.gr – mstyllas@olympus-climbing.gr

Petrostrouga Refuge

Built on the Petrostrouga area at an altitude of 1,940 m., this stone refuge offers a splendid view of the coastline of Litochoro. The restoration of the building was a voluntary effort of members of the Hellenic Rescue Team, offering a maximum capacity of 72 people, a restaurant, bathrooms, and a helipad for cases of emergency. This Mount Olympus refuge operates throughout the whole year, giving visitors a chance to experience all the seasons of the mountain.

Contact Details

(+30) 23512 00766, (+30) 23103 10649, (+30) 697 724 6350, (+30) 694 882 1513

www.petrostrouga.gr – info@petrostrouga.gr

Vrysopoules KEOAX Refuge

On Mount Olympus’ southern slopes, at 1,820 m. over the Mavratza ravine, this building houses the Hellenic Army’s Special Forces ski training facilities. The refuge has a restaurant and can accommodate up to 30 people; however, to enter the grounds and stay overnight, one will require to carry an identification document and request permission from the Special Forces Directorate.

Contact Details

(+30) 24930 62163


Koromilia Refuge (Dion)

The Koromilia refuge of Dion at 1,020 m. high is a newly built establishment situated on the north side of Mount Olympus that offers all modern conveniences. Up to 18 people can spend the night while enjoying the many dietary options, with ingredients from local producers. It operates daily from mid-June to September and on weekends during the rest of the year, apart from occasions of extreme weather conditions.

Contact Details

(+30) 694 224 3349, (+30) 698 144 8978

www.koromiliarefuge.gr – info@koromiliarefuge.gr

Krevatia Refuge

Krevatia refuge was built on a beautiful opening in the Krevatia plateau at an altitude of 1,005 m., with the ability to host up to 20 people. It can be accessed by car or by a 10-kilometer hike from Vrontou village. It remains open during the weekends of March till the end of October, while visitors can book a reservation the rest of the year by contacting the refuge.

Contact Details

(+30) 697 177 3070, (+30) 693 818 6984


Dimitrios Boundolas or Stavros Refuge

This Mount Olympus refuge is the closest one to Litochoro, located in the Stavros area, on the way to Prionia. Τhe elevation of the refuge is 930 m., granting a panoramic view of the Pieria coastline to the Thermaic Gulf. It accommodates up to 30 people, with a well-organized kitchen that serves homely meals at the refuge’s restaurant. It was named after Dimitrios Boundolas, a renowned Greek alpinist who passed away in an avalanche in the Annapurna peaks. The refuge remains open every day throughout the year, except for Mondays during the winter season.

Contact Details

(+30) 23520 84100, (+30) 693 411 4621, (+30) 693 922 5857


Emergency Shelters

Six emergency shelters were strategically built along the hiking routes of Mount Olympus, crucially aiding mountaineers of all kinds to venture forth, in adverse weather conditions. As opposed to the more spacious refuges, most of these small structures are not manned and remain unlocked. The number of occupants each shelter may accommodate is purely indicative:

Emergency Shelter NameAltitudeCapacity
Agios Antonios2,817 m.9
Christaki2,550 m.10
Costas Migkotzidis2,450 m.6
Livadaki2,100 m.5
Salatoura1,790 m.6
Ano Pigadi1,400 m.18