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The dominating rock massif, Mount Olympus stretches skyward in the Greek azure, higher than any other mountain in the country. ‘Tis a paradigm of the uppermost respect the people bore for all things glorious, correlating this wondrous landscape with the mythological divine rulers of antiquity.

About Mount Olympus

Over the years, the seeping weather conditions sculptured Mount Olympus, forming deep gorges, elevated plateaus, and smooth slopes with jagged peaks. Therefore, its unique morphology became a sanctuary to the many species of flora and fauna — some of which are endemic to the environment — leading to the firstly declared National Park in Greece, in 1938. The efforts to preserve the wildlife eventually appointed the region a proclaimed biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1981.

The awe the enigmatic scenery inspires became indistinguishably synonymous with the presence of a higher power since the dawn of veneration. Apart from the mythological elements, the mountain boasts other religious and historical values. In the heart of Enipeas Gorge, a secluded monastery stands erected, in dedication to Agios Dionysios, a saint that sought monasticism in a nearby cave. The monastery endured many assaults throughout history, such as occupations, bombardments during World War II, and the ruin of the civil war.

Visiting Mount Olympus

Every year, thousands of hikers visit Mount Olympus for a glimpse of the majestic viewpoints experienced through the ascent to Mytikas, the pinnacle, peaking at 2,918 m. A most popular gathering spot is the village of Litochoro, a picturesque small town built at the foothills of the mountain, on its east side. Not too far from the center of Litochoro, mountain and nature enthusiasts can begin their hiking adventures from the site of Myli, where trails leading to the Prionia area through the Enipeas River begin. The river engraves its own path, traversing the steepness of the same-named gorge, forming natural pools and waterfalls along the way. Aside from trekking and mountaineering, travelers can partake in numerous sports activities, including canyoning in Enipeas Gorge, off-roading, and mountain biking on the various dirt tracks.

You can read more below about the breathtaking spectacles of Mount Olympus and delve into the mythos of the mountain by participating in our tours and activities.


Prionia is the highest location accessible by car on Mount Olympus. Surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, Prionia is an easy-to-reach starting point or rest stop for hikers. It is located at an altitude of 1100 meters and is approximately 19 km from Litochoro. Prionia can be reached either by car, taxi or private minivan, shall you decide to join any of our hiking tours. This ending-point is where the road connecting Litochoro with the mountain finishes – from here you can leave your car and enter any of the hiking paths or have a seat at the restaurant and take in the panorama of Mount Olympus’ majestic mountain grandeur.

Enipeas Gorge

According to mythology, ENIPEAS was the most beautiful god of the rivers, the son of the ocean and the sea. Leto mother of Apollo was having her bath to Enipeas waterfalls. Its flow is continuous and to cross it we cross 7 wooden bridges. At first we meet the big wooden bridge and we proceed to the well-written path, having the river on our left as a companion.